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Player Profile: Brandon Schellin

11/09/2018, 10:30am EST
By Namrita Singh

Freshman goaltender Brandon Schellin's player profile is up now! Keep reading for all of his answers!

Photo: Katherine Schellin

Brandon Schellin's Player Profile

Full Name: Brandon Schellin

Nickname(s): Schell or BZR

Position: Goaltender

Birthdate: 03/22/1998

Prospective or Declared Major, or Undeclared: Biochemistry, pre-med

Year: Freshman

Favorite NHL Team(s): Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Athlete(s): Anthony Rizzo

Favorite Sport(s) To Watch: Baseball, Basketball, Hockey

First Jersey: Chicago Blackhawks jersey

Favorite Hockey Movie(s): Miracle

Favorite Sports Moment You've Witnessed In Person: 2007 Anaheim Ducks winning their first Stanley Cup

Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheese

Celebrity Crush: Chloë Grace Moretz

Most Listened To Music Artist: Brett Eldredge

Would You Let Us Play Your Recently Played Spotify Playlist Over The Locker Room Speakers?: Yes

Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat?: Instagram

How Long Would You Last In A Zombie Apocalypse?: Maybe 1 year if I'm lucky

If You Won The Lottery, What Is The First Thing You Would Spend Money On?: Paying off all my schooling

Role Model: Paul Walker

Three Things On Your Bucket List: 458 Special Ferrari, race around Monaco, drive a Formula 1 racecar

It's Overtime in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Who Are You Putting In Net?: Jonathan Quick


Tag(s): News