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Player Profile: Josh Kim

11/08/2018, 11:30am EST
By Namrita Singh

Josh Kim currently leads all Rutgers freshmen in scoring with 17 points (11G, 6A); check out his player profile here!

Photo: Katherine Schellin

Josh Kim's Player Profile

Full Name: Josh Kim

Nickname(s): Kimmer

Position: Forward

Birthdate: 02/03/1998

Prospective or Declared Major, or Undecided: Exercise Science

Year: Freshman

Favorite NHL Team(s): Vancouver Canucks

Favorite Athlete(s): Tiger Woods

Favorite Sport(s) To Watch: Hockey

First Jersey: Vancouver Canucks '94

Favorite Hockey Movie(s): Miracle

Favorite Sports Moment You've Witnessed In Person: Going to my first NHL game

Favorite Pizza Topping: Bacon

Celebrity Crush: Selena Gomez

Most Listened To Music Artist: Martin Garrix

Would You Let Us Play Your Recently Played Spotify Playlist Over The Locker Room Speakers?: Yes

Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat?: Instagram

How Long Would You Last In A Zombie Apocalypse?: 2 minutes

If You Won The Lottery, What Is The First Thing You Would Spend Money On?: Audi R8

Role Model: Pavel Bure

Three Things On Your Bucket List: Travel the world, learn how to play piano, have a family

It's Overtime in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Who Are You Putting In Net?: Carey Price

Tag(s): News